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Welcome to Oxinternalmed.com. For those working in internal medicine, or indeed any other branch of the medical field, finding enough time to spend with your patients and clients has remained one of the greatest challenges.

Of course, the amount of time professionals get to spend with patients and clients isn’t the only challenge in today’s hyper-paced society. Staffing is also an area gaining a lot of attention in the last year or so – particularly finding employees that not only have the appropriate education, but also who are available to work. When many schools had to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, young students were home, and expected to be on class via computer. In many cases, a parent or guardian needed to be present. If a parent was previously working out of the house, and suddenly found him or herself needing to be at home to supervise the student, it created additional challenges.

How do we resolve situations such as this? This is only one of the topics that are on our minds as we begin formulating what we want to cover here. We may also explore consumer health categories as well. We basically have a clean slate here, and will begin to write on that slate very soon.